About Us

We tried to do life the "right" way.

We bought the house(s), had the vehicles, lived in the nice little small town.

We had good jobs, were paying our bills.

But it turns out that we both suck at being normal.  

It actually, literally, makes us unbearably miserable to do the "normal" thing.  


So we decided it was time we did something out of the ordinary.

We decided to pack up our house, 

Sell a bunch of stuff,

And move to another country.


We jumped on the plane with our doggy, and our mountain bikes.

We didn’t have jobs or housing lined up, but we decided that we were going to figure it out along the way.  


Things didn't work out how we had planned, 

So, again, we adjusted our plans.

We moved home and bought a sailboat to live on. 

And here we are, two years later and two boats into figuring out this dream of ours.

Finding more happiness, joy and peace every day, despite the insanity that is boat life.

We love to take you on this journey with us. Check out our videos and blogs to find out more about our journey and the things we are learning along the way.

You can also join us on Patreon to receive an even more in- depth look at our life onboard.

Logan, the Husband

Heavy duty mechanic by trade, carpenter’s apprentice the last year before travelling, and currently trying to figure out how to make a career out of his passions.  Lover of mountain biking , diving and any other outdoor activities, as well as a lover of nature. Animals are neat and wildlife is awesome. 

Taryn, the Wife

Presently a wedding and elopement photographer at Innocent Thunder Photography.  Also holder of a bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus in Urban planning, and in past times a welder and blacksmith apprentice, as well as a yoga instructor.  Lover of mountain biking, diving, hiking, spiritual matters and the mysteries of life.

Max, the Doggy

Husky/ Lab cross puppy dog.  Lover of all things outdoor, especially mountain biking and swimming.  Beaches and hikes are also great.  Also super sweet and overly fluffy, generously leaving a trail of hair anywhere he goes! 

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