About Us

The story of two humans, a doggo and their sailboat

We were really tired of working our butts off for a life we didn't want.  

Every day, we worked jobs we weren't excited about to build a life we didn't really want to be a part of that was destroying the things we loved the most- the natural world and the health of our friends and family.  

So, we spent a few years wondering what we could do to change our lifestyle and therefore spend our time building the world we wanted to live in while also making ourselves happy. And we ended up here- on a sailboat, in the Pacific Northwest, on a journey to live life more sustainably, more independently and closer to the land and the nature that we love so much. 

With every decision we make, we attempt to add value to the world we live in while also making ourselves happy.  This means minimizing our footprint wherever we can, living as close to nature as we can and creating a life where we can travel the world while doing the least amount of damage we can.  We are far from perfect in this process, but that is our constant goal and the guiding principles behind our journey into liveaboard boat life on a steel sailboat.

We are currently traveling around Vancouver Island with a goal of eventually traveling north through the Northwest Passage and to Northern Europe.  We have a very long way to go until we are ready for this journey, but we would love for you to join us along the way.  

Captain Max

The star of the show

Lets be honest, if you've been watching our Youtube videos, it probably isn't to see Taryn or Logan. It's to see me- the Captain Max.  

I'm a 9 year old lab-husky cross.  I sometimes have a bit of an attitude, but there's nothing I love more than hanging out with my people, especially if if's while we run through the forest.  



the always cold first mate 

I'm the one responsible for the videography, photography, editing and dragging Max and Logan into this crazy Youtube adventure.  

I'm cold all the time and I'm the only one of the three of us why can handle temperatures over 25 degrees.  

The idea of living a life close to nature on a sailboat was just too amazing for me to say no to, so I am all in on this adventure.  

I listen to countless podcasts about travel, true crime and stories about what it means to be alive.  I am always looking to learn and discover anything that is going to give me a deeper insight into what it means to be human in this crazy world we live in.  

I also have a huge passion for local food and foraging and feel so deeply nurtured when our food comes from the place we know.  So we hope to expand that area of our lives through this journey and to share those experiences with you as well.  

Oh, also I can weld- it used to be my career- so that is a huge part of why we have been so stoked on a steel boat!


The Shantyman

"Give me coffee or give me death!"

Ok, that may be a bit overboard (lol). I'm the guy who keeps the boat running.  As a heavy duty mechanic by trade, I have acquired many skills that translate well to boat work, especially on a steel boat.  

I also enjoy a good dark beer and time spent exploring nature.  


Papa Rumba

Our floating home

Papa Rumba is a cutter rigged Van De Stadt Norman 40 who was built in Amsterdam in 1996.  She is a steel sailboat, which is exactly what we wanted! 


Papa rumba has two cabins, a large salon that could be a pilothouse, but technically isn't as there is no wheel inside.  But, she has incredibly large and bright windows that are angled in order to avoid her from ever taking the full force of a breaking wave.  

She was also built for offshore sailing, but with a shallow enough draft to cruise the European canals.


We are so stoked on her! She is perfect for us, even though she will be a ton of work (cuz #steelboatlife)  

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