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11 Years Together | A Reflection On Many Adventures on Land and On the Water

Six years ago we were married beneath a waterfall. We loaded our immediate family, a couple of friends, a photographer and a celebrant into 4x4 trucks, a quad and a side by side and headed up a logging road to a beautiful waterfall. I'm not sure why, but I was determined to celebrate our love beside tumbling, noisy, clear water and because Logan's dad doesn't fly, that meant it was going to happen in Canada. This waterfall felt like the best option.

Covered in mosquitos and home made bug spray that did not even come close to doing the job, we changed out of our 4x4 clothes and into our formal wedding attire amongst the forest canopy before congregating on river rocks to make our love official. I still can't imagine a more perfect way, or place, for Logan and I to have tied the knot, and I'm so happy we did things the way we did.

This wedding adventure perfectly expressed how we had spent our life up until this point, and was probably foreshadowing for where we would be now, although we didn't know it at the time.

Marriage was precursored by 5 years of travelling, 4x4ing, acreage life living and trying to work out just how we were going to do life in a way that made more sense to us, because living in the same place on this beautiful island just wasn't seeming to cut it. More than anything else we wanted to have the freedom to spend as much time as possible in nature, we wanted to see new places and do new things and we had decided to do so together.

In the 6 years since we spent time below this magnificent waterfall, we have lived on two continents, lived on three boats and in five different houses. We have had numerous different jobs, debated every living scenario from building a tiny home to, obviously, living on a boat, but we have known this whole time that neither of us would be happy doing things the normal way, so we have intentionally and repeatedly chosen more unique and creative paths to live this life.

11 years later we are in the middle of some pretty big boat projects in order to really make that dream of travel and living in nature a reality, but we are getting closer every day. Today it feels like a pretty big uphill battle, but looking back at all Logan and I (and Max) have accomplished in this life together so far, I don't have any doubt we will make it through and reach those goals ahead of us!

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us and for sticking with us through all of our crazy changes and revelations. It makes the journey feel a lot more worthwhile knowing that others are enjoying it too! <3

Wedding Photography by Craig Laterneau Photography

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