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An Adventure At Dusk | Newcastle Island on a Summer Evening

The thing about having a dog onboard is that, with a dog, best practice is to bring him to shore at least twice a day for exercise and to do his "business." Once in the morning and once in the evening. Obviously many days we go more than twice, but we always go at least twice.

On one of our last days at Newcastle Island, we didn't make our evening trip until dusk. The sun had set, everything was blanketed in a hue of blue, and the animals of the island were starting to come out for their evening feasting.

I also decided to bring my camera so I could capture this beautiful time of day. There is something so peaceful, mysterious, but also unnerving about dusk. Maybe it's the in between light and dark, the perceived quiet, despite the fact that all the animals are coming out to find food, or the fact that the dimming light can play tricks on your eyes, but there is something so unique and amazing about that time of day.

As we dinghied over and then walked around, I captured images of things that caught my eye in the unique dusk lighting. I've decided to share some of these images with you in black and white so you can have a better vision of the space between dark and light and how that played on our surroundings. I hope you like them :)

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