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Canadian Sailing Youtube Channels: A Fairly Comprehensive List

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

If you have been watching sailing Youtube channels then you are probably aware that there are a lot of us across the globe. However, it's seemed to me that the Canadian content out there kind of has a hard time being seen, despite the fact that there are a lot of us making videos. So, I decided to compile a list of all the channels I could find of Canadians sailing in Canadian waters, or Canadians sailing abroad, to get the world out about more of the awesome channels available to us. We have so many amazing places to cruise in Canada and I think more of the world should see what we have to offer in our own backyard! Each of us has our own style and showcases a different side of the sailing and liveaboard lifestyle. Hopefully you can find a few channels that you connect with and love to watch in this list!

The list below is divided into those in Canada and the region they are currently sailing, and then those Canadians who are sailing abroad. There is also a short list of non- sailing boaters in Canada at the bottom, cuz sometimes we wanna see other things too, right? :)

Currently in Canada

The Wayward Life: Us, obviously. BC with plans to head north, and doing boat projects along the way!

Life is Like Sailing: up and down the BC coast from Prince Rupert to Victoria

All About Spray: Campbell River area

Sailing Sea Dream of Clyde: Southern gulf islands, and other awesome places around!

Sailing Octopodes: Sunshine coast and gulf islands

Breaking Waves Sailing: Desolation Sound

Barlovento Sailing: Sqaumish area :)

Secondwind: Great lakes!

Gaurave Shinde Racing: Toronto, doing a refit

Wind Over Water: Great lakes!

Sailing Sailfish: Lake Ontario & PEI

SV Vandarok: Interior BC

SV Yarreh: Vancouver!

Sailing Infidels: Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island

Path To Sea: West coast of Vancouver Island

Saling Loon's Lace: Sailing on the east coast!

Abroad, and where they are currently

Sailing Magic Carpet: Europe, and now the Pacific Northwest with plans to head back into Canada after refit!

Sailing Gargoyle: Turks and Caicos

Wandersailing: Mexico, planning to cross the Pacific

Pacific Solo: In Japan with plans to sail back to Canada!

Later Than We Think: Mexico and Vancouver

Ocean Racers: All over!

Barefoot Sail and Dive: Dominican Republic

SV Sailing Sunday: North Africa

Not sailing, but people filming their boat travels

Living on a Lifeboat: refitting a life raft to live on in Victoria

The Vancouver Islander: Boating on their gorgeous power boat in the Campbell River area

Cruising Jackson Rose: cruising Ontario's waterways on their power boat

VanIsland With Ryan: Exploring Vancouver Island on land and on his power boat in Campbell River area!

MV Makena Kai: power boating in the gulf islands

rowing a boat to a sailboat

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