In Wolf Territory | Camping Near Cape Scott Park

Updated: Feb 23

We can't ever seem to do things the "normal" way. Most people head to the north island for camping in the summer time, because even in the summer time it's really wet up there- but at least you don't run as much of a risk of meeting a big wind storm, or freezing to death. But then there's Logan and I, and we though to ourselves, it's fall and it's cold and probably going to pour rain for a week. Let's head north!

We drove from Campbell River to Cape Scott Park on one of the most northern parts of Vancouver Island in mid- October and despite how I'm maybe making it sound, it was perfect. We didn't run into any wolves, but we saw many of their tracks and they were a lot larger than Max's paws.

We camped at a hidden beach, found a secret cabin, camped next to a lake neither of us had ever seen before and of course witnessed the epic San Josef Bay in a gale (no pics but it's in the video)! It couldn't have been a more epic west coast trip.

Below are a few pics from the trip, but we spent more time filming than capturing stills and you can see those videos below these images.

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to get out in the autumn on Vancouver Island!

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