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Local, Ethical and Good For Liveaboards | West Coast Canadian Brands to Feel Good About Supporting

I think it is a pretty common thing these days for sailors and boat people to be aware of their carbon footprints and to care about the effect their decisions are having on the environment. Living on a boat brings us so much closer to nature and we notice when things change in the environment. For Logan and I, being able to be closer to nature and have a smaller eco footprint was a large factor in our decision to live on a boat and learn to sail. That desire to be more sustainable has also driven us to only want to purchase local and sustainable products for ourselves. I wanted to share with you three Canadian west coast companies who are producing/ selling eco-friendly products that are also useful for us liveaboards in the Pacific Northwest. I'm sure there are also many more and would love for you to share them with me. However, these are three that I stand strongly behind and would love to share with you as well!

Anian Mfg: Anian is a Victoria based company who reclaims natural fabrics and fibres and repurposes them into new garments. I bought one of their wool shirts a couple of months ago and have worn it every day since. Not only is it warm, but it is also very well made and comfortable. It is both water and wind resistant and perfect for the west coast. They also have cotton clothing, wool sweaters and hats, etc., all made from reclaimed fibres that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Their clothes are also made in Canada, ensuring that less fuel is used bringing them to us and that more money stays in our communities.

Londre Bodywear: Londre is a Vancouver-based garment company that mostly makes bathing suits from recycled bottles. Their garments are also made locally in Vancouver. They are extremely body positive with suits to fit almost every body type and photo examples of their products on numerous body types so you can get a better idea of how their suits will look on your body! They are also women owned and designed, so you know they are made by women for women.

Shades of Green: Shades of Green is located in Parksville, BC, but also offers an online store for order goods. The store is full of eco-friendly and zero- waste products that not only cut down on waste, but also simplify the basics of living on a boat. For instance, my entire bathroom kit comes from Shades of Green. It is full of small, zero waste items that are easy to pack away and carry with me to a marina bathroom. I also know that if I accidentally drop any of my stuff into the ocean that it will not contribute to the endless plastic waste currently doing so much damage. We also have numerous kitchen products from Shades of Green, such as wax food wraps, reusable produce bags and reusable sandwich bags.

The amazing thing about the emerging green economy is that so many of the products being produced from compostable or recycled materials are also being produced locally and ethically in our communities. These products are also often more durable than fast fashion products and their plastic counterparts. Buying from companies like the ones listed above allow us to feel good about the purchases we make to keep our lives running smoothly and I love that about them.

If there are any green Canadian (especially west coast Canadian) companies that you stand behind, I would love to hear about them as well! Please drop them in the comments, here on on social media, or send me an email and I will create another list later!

Photos in this article taken from each company's Facebook page.

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