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Our 10 Favourite Sailing, Travel & Ocean Podcasts

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It took me a while to get into podcasts. I had tried listening to a few years ago and just found them annoying and boring. Maybe it was just the subject matter, but the thought of listening to someone else's conversation that I couldn't contribute to was such a weird concept to me and I didn't want anything to do with it.

That was until I had to do the 15 hour drive from Vancouver Island to Calgary in a single day and I decided to give podcasts another try.

This time I downloaded a bunch of podcasts about true crime because I needed something that didn't take a lot of cognitive engagement for me, but would make me feel less lonely, although I was still skeptical that I was going to enjoy listening to strangers talk for hours. But luckily it worked. The 15 hours flew by and I was hooked on podcasts. When the pandemic hit at the same time that we were stuck in a noisy boatyard working on Nordic V, both Logan and I started listening to podcasts to feed our travel bug and learn more about sailing. I went hard- consuming more podcasts than ones I could find to listen to, and Logan learned a lot about all the rad people around the world with crazy stories about blue water sailing.

So here are some of our favourite podcasts, focused on either sailing, travel, or both:

On the Wind (The Quarterdeck): Interviewing sailors from all over the planet, Andy Schell chats with his guests about everything from sailing across oceans to cool nautical stores. If you're interested in sailing and the many people who have spent their lives on sailboats, this is a great podcast to listen to!

Zero to Travel: Chatting with people who live travel as a lifestyle in many different ways, Jason has lived a life abroad himself for many years and has a passion for helping others do the same, which shines through in his podcast.

The Aquatic Life: Originally focused soley on underwater photography, this awesome podcast has expanded to numerous areas of the aquatic lifestyle and diving. Hosts Dalton Hamm and Todd Reimer both have loads of experience with travelling the world to dive and photograph the creatures under the water, so many of their podcasts involve people who they have personal relationships with, which always deepens the conversation.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast: Amanda Kendle has put together a fairly unique travel podcast with The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. While most podcasts focus on a conversation with a single guests, this podcast instead focuses on numerous stories on a single theme, but from more than one guest. This style of video adds a unique view into different issues and themes that many of us experience while travelling.

Liveaboard Sailing Podcast: Annika Rautiola hosts this podcast all about living on a sailboat. She is aspiring to one day become a liveaboard herself and has taken the time to interview those who are already living the lifestyle she herself wants to be a part of. We sat down with her a couple of months ago to chat and that episode should be coming out in a little while as well!

The Outlaw Ocean: Looking at the politics of international waters from fishing fleets and slavery at sea to cruise ships and even mobile abortion clinics.

Lost at Sea: When a fishing observer goes missing at sea, the question of what happened to him, deeply intwined with the complicated politics of international fishing, comes to the forefront.

Hakai Magazine- Ballast: How ballast has shaped the world. Lot more interesting than it sounds.

Hakai Magazine- Audio Edition: This is the audio version of many articles published by Hakai. they aren't all ocean related, but many of them are.

Into the Depths: Black divers in search of sunken slave ships and the stories they took with them

I hope you enjoyed this list! If you have any more suggestions that you think we or other people should check out, please post them in the comments!

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