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Road Tripping Ireland in a Campervan

We spent our first week in Ireland figuring stuff out in Dublin and then decided we wanted to head out of the city and see some of the beautiful countryside that Ireland has to offer. We picked up our van outside of Wicklow Town and headed to Glendalough to visit our friends Lynsey and Jiri before heading out to see the rest of the country. We hiked around the big lake, got caught in a storm and ended up soaked to the bone. Just for the record, drying out soaking wet clothing in a campervan is less than ideal- just in case you wanted to know. That night we also had a van issue on our way south (which was quickly fixed by the owner of Lazy Days- I can't say enough good things about these guys).

The next day we headed into town to find some rain pants, which we got great use out of, and then spent the rest of the day driving to Killarney. We camped in a parking lot at the base of Torc Mountain and headed up the mountain the next morning. Again we were caught in a rainstorm, but this time we were prepared with our new rain pants! The hike led to some incredible views and made us wish we had a couple extra days to explore more of the area.

Our next stop was Inch Beach. Words cannot describe how beautiful this place was and I honestly didn't want to leave. Also, people are allowed to drive on the beach there. Strange?

After camping in the Inch Beach parking lot, we headed to the Gallarus Oratory and then on to Cliffs of Moher. There was wind at the cliffs like we had never seen before and we were able to watch storms roll in from a distance. It was really cool well worth the visit, despite it being one of the top tourist destinations in the country (which we usually like to avoid).

The morning after the cliffs, we headed for Westport and Achill Island in Co. Mayo. Achill Island was another amazing place that I didn't want to leave. It was that picture- perfect version of Ireland, with rolling hills, green grasses and sheep everywhere. We also wandered across a castle on our Achill Island travels and we were not disappointed!

Post- Achill Island, we visited Sligo and Leitrim, as well and Lynsey's brother Joe who took is on a lovely hike before we drove back to Glendalough.

If you want to see and hear more about this adventure, scroll to the bottom to see our playlist of YouTube videos.

Also, check out Lazy Days Campervans in Wicklow if you are planning on taking your own campervan trip. You won't regret it!

glendalough lake, ireland

glendalough lake, ireland

Max in Killarney forest, Ireland

Torc Mountain, Kerry, Ireland

Inch Beach, Kerry, Ireland

Inch Beach, Ireland

Inch Beach, Ireland

Gallarus Oratory

cliffs of moher, Ireland

cliffs of moher, ireland

Achill Island, Ireland

Lazy Days Campervan, Ireland

Achill Island, Ireland

Grace O'Malley's Castle, Achill Island, Ireland

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