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Sailing Youtube Channels with Pets

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Let's be honest here, pets make everything better and that includes YouTube channels. More times than I can count people have told us how adorable Max is and how he is the star of our channel. They're definitely not wrong, and honestly I'm more likely to watch a channel if they have a cute dog or cat that does cute things in the videos. If it were up to me we would have two dogs and a cat onboard and you probably would only see their chaos and nature in our videos, but that's not a battle I'm even remotely close to winning...

a dog with a captains hat
Photo by Mae Ying on SV Wind Gypsy

So with that info, I made the assumption that some other people may also be interested in seeing some cute animals out on the water and compiled a list of a bunch of youtube sailing channels who also have pets, organized by species.


Wayward Life Sailing- us- with the most important dog of all!

Sailing Floating Freedom

Project Atticus

Sailing Sunday

Sailing Sweet Ruca

Wilds and Water Sailing

Breaking Waves

Major Payne Sailing and Scuba

Sailaway World Sailing

Sailing Cadoha

Harbors Unknown

Let's Buy a Boat! He Said

Sailing Heron

SV Blown Away

SV Cordelia

Cruising Maya

Tula's Endless Summer

Cruisers Academy

SV California

Sailing Oka Solo


Two the Horizon Sailing

Sailing Friday af Wisby

Chasing Never Monday

MJ Sailing

Gone with the Wynns older episodes

Sailing Avocet

Finding Cloud

Sailing Two Get Lost

Drifting Sailing Adventures

Other creatures

Sailing Hindsight- with a chicken

Rigging Doctor- with parrots

If you also have a sailing channel with a pet, but aren't on the list, feel free to send us a message on instagram or an email and we will add you to the list!

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