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Sailing Youtube Channels with Pets

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Let's be honest here, pets make everything better and that includes YouTube channels. More times than I can count people have told us how adorable Max is and how he is the star of our channel. They're definitely not wrong, and honestly I'm more likely to watch a channel if they have a cute dog or cat that does cute things in the videos. If it were up to me we would have two dogs and a cat onboard and you probably would only see their chaos and nature in our videos, but that's not a battle I'm even remotely close to winning...

a dog with a captains hat
Photo by Mae Ying on SV Wind Gypsy

So with that info, I made the assumption that some other people may also be interested in seeing some cute animals out on the water and compiled a list of a bunch of youtube sailing channels who also have pets, organized by species.


Wayward Life Sailing- us- with the most important dog of all!


Gone with the Wynns older episodes

Other creatures

Sailing Hindsight- with a chicken

Rigging Doctor- with parrots

If you also have a sailing channel with a pet, but aren't on the list, feel free to send us a message on instagram or an email and we will add you to the list!

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