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Sunday Harbour | Exploration in the Broughtons

Sunday Harbour was one of the coolest places we sailed to while in the Broughton Archipelago this summer and definitely one of the most unique. We even had a great sail all the way from Port McNeill to here, with the sails up the whole way! Both upwind and downwind.

Although sheltered from the winds from the NW, this spot was not sheltered from the swell rolling in from the Queen Charlotte Strait. However, this area was full of tiny islets, coves, forests and rock bluffs to explore. It was also poorly charted and had quite a few rocks under the surface that were best to look out for while out on the water. The currents through here are also strong like in most places throughout the Broughtons.

I hope you enjoy these pictures as well as the video about our adventure in Sunday Harbour and hopefully we can bring you more once our boat projects are finished!

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