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When Our Favourite Youtube Channel Came to Visit | Mini SV Papa Rumba Boat Tour

Today is an exciting day. Today Exploring Alternatives has posted our first Papa Rumba boat tour on their Youtube channel! We met Mat and Danielle in London Drugs of all places. We had been watching their channel for quite a few months and loving it. I spotted them in the store while they were shopping for a camera and kind of ambushed them. We stood there talking to them for about half an hour and talking about our boat living, as well as what they were doing in the area. They were so lovely that I was disappointed to be saying goodbye to them!

Fast forward about a year and Danielle came out to do a boat tour of Papa Rumba while we were moored in Finlayson Arm. We love chatting with these two about tiny and alternative living, as it is one of our passions as well, so it was such a pleasure to get a chance to spent more time with Danielle and to have her onboard!

If you love alternative living from liveaboard boat life, to tiny homes, to off- grid homesteads, I highly recommend checking out their channel! They post a new, cool and different property every week so there is always tons of inspiration to comb through!

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